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A Guide for New Moms

A guide for new moms-to-be for all things essential for your newborn!

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your soon-to-be elevated status as a parent! It is by no means an easy feat to provide care for a newborn, and there may be instances where it can get overbearing with all the little details that you need to notice. We wish to remind all parents that you are the strongest bunch out there, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

As there are several things to be mindful of, we have come up with a list of essential items in preparation for receiving your newborn back home.

Car seats

Car seats

As neglected and taken for granted as this may be, car seats are, in fact, one of the most important items to own should the family be traveling in a vehicle. As the bones in babies are not fully developed yet, the severity of an incident as simple as whiplash to a baby will be more extreme than a fully grown adult. As the baby grows, the car seats may need to be changed depending on their size to better fit and provide the best form of protection possible. It is also good to introduce the car seat at an early age so that they will be assimilated to the idea of it as they are growing up!


A steady stream of fresh diapers to change into is essential in a baby's everyday routine. It is needless to say that if the replacement of soiled diapers is inconsistent, there is running risk of infections and other major health issues. When choosing the appropriate diaper, a few considerations are to ensure breathability, comfort, and absorption capacity. This will allow the baby to be less irritable and smiley with that toothless grin of theirs! When wiping down your baby, do consider using an unscented baby wipe as opposed to a scented one until you are sure that your little one is not sensitive to such scents or fragrances present on the wipe itself.


As newborns do not have control over their movements, they tend to flail a lot, including jerky reflexes. This may cause unintentional harm to themselves or the parent by clawing, especially when their nails are long, and boy, does it grow really fast! As their nails are fragile and small, it is necessary to own both a baby nail cutter and a filer to keep them in good shape, which will, in turn, lead to your baby freely flinging their limbs safely. We do not advise using a regular nail clipper as there is a slight possibility of trimming off the tip of the finger due to poor visibility!


Many mothers would agree that there is a deep sense of emotional bonding and connection when breastfeeding their baby. That being said, there will be situations where the use of a milk bottle will have to be employed. A thing to note on getting the right milk bottle is that the teat, or the nipple, has different levels that correlate to a baby's age. These levels indicate the amount of desired milk flow through the teat itself, and as babies grow older, there may be a need to increase the flow. However, every baby's needs are different; pay attention to the cues of your little one and provide accordingly! Consider getting an insulated bag with ice packs if you need to take your little one out for the day; this will allow for the milk and bottles to be kept at a safe and cool temperature.


There are many different adorable clothing for babies that every parent will be tempted to purchase. There are, however, three main factors to consider to ensure that your baby will be a chirpy one in their outfit: safety, comfort, and convenience (to focus more on practicality than fanciness!). Onesies or rompers are generally for newborns, especially as it provides extreme convenience to change in and out of. As they get older, they may start to crawl; at this stage, it would be a good idea to introduce pants onto them for extra padding on the knees! Depending on the season, mittens and socks will be recommended as it provides extra warmth for your little one during the colder weather. Lighter material clothing will be better suited for the warmer weather to protect from the sun's heat and for breathability as well.

Once all the factors above for dressing your baby up to have been considered, pick away at your favorite style of clothing that'll bring out the best in your baby!


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