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Essential Spring style for your little ones!

 As Spring is approaching, we hope that your little ones are just as excited as we are! Bring forth the rays of sunlight and the colourful blooms that nature offers to us all as we marvel the wonderful creations of Earth! We bet you can’t wait to spend time outside with the family as a reward for enduring through the chilly winter for the past few months!

In this erratic season where temperatures are known to rise and fall, it is important that your little ones are dressed appropriately and all geared up for the unpredictable weather ahead.

Below, you may find some essential clothing suitable for Spring!


Similar to how we would add on or shed a layer as and when the weather changes through the day, it is also equally as important for toddlers to mimic how we would dress! Socks under boots, an easily removable vest or a thick jacket over a comfortable onesie would be an ideal choice!


One-piece outfits

Nothing beats the convenience of having to change out an outfit for your little one in one straightforward movement. As there may be instances where different outfits are required for different occasions throughout the day, this reduces the trouble of parents having to carry too many items. Rejoice!



By footwear, it not only refers to covered shoes or booties but also socks! As babies lose a lot of body heat through their feet, it is super important that we keep their feet super warm and toasty. As babies differ from one another, if your little one requires more coverage, add on a pair of booties for extra padding!



As the weather tend to get unpredictable and super warm at times in the sunshine, a hat would be considered an essential item to keep your toddler’s temperature at the optimal level! Investing in a great hat that is towards a lighter or a knitted option goes a long way to keeping those rays at bay!



Did I mention that the weather gets erratic from time to time? A handy windbreaker is going to act as the versatile layer that will be able to keep your baby warm during the colder days and it’s the perfect gear to suit up in on wet days as well! Jumping in puddles of water is going to be extra fun especially with a windbreaker and a pair of boots on!


Introducing colours (Optional!)

After dressing up in dull shades during the frosty winter, it is always a great idea to introduce a plethora of colours into your toddler’s wardrobe to match the colours of Spring! Now I would say this is the most fun part of dressing your little one up, buying them many wonderful clothing!


Your little ones will have much more fun if they are appropriately dressed for the weather without feeling bothered by the temperature, be sure to check on their needs and attend to them accordingly!